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Kmart Ad Jingles Male Balls and Critics Bells

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Over the past week, it seems as though everyone has been weighing in on Kmart’s new risqué commercial for their Joe Boxer holiday brand “Jingle Joes.” So, naturally, I thought I would too. After watching the commercial, entitled “Show Your Joe,” only one word came to mind: Wow. As a female, I can’t say I hate the sight of seeing a six-man line-up of handsome men wearing tuxedo tops and boxer bottoms in HD. But girlish gushing aside, the humorous sexual innuendo implied by the men jiggling their junk as if their balls were bells hasn’t settled well with everyone. The advertisement has stirred up some serious ruckus by concerned parents and repulsed conservatives around the nation. Is this ad really that bad though?

While it’s good to be humorous, the risk Kmart takes with “Show Your Joe” might just be too risqué for primetime television. Critics have claimed that the commercial is disgustingly provocative and a flat out disgrace to a classic Christmas tune. The commercial is clearly designed for mature audiences, and therefore, should only really be streamed through mediums for such. This is where Kmart advertisers went wrong. Had Kmart stuck to just promoting their commercial via social media (i.e. their YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts) they could have avoided a majority of the controversy it caused. After all, not too many young children have social media accounts to access such.

But, despite the controversy, the ad has still been a hit. With over 15 million views on YouTube and it’s own hashtag (#ShowYourJoe), I’d call the campaign an overall success. In fact, the uproar of repulsion towards the commercial have only made it more popular amongst the masses. It looks like Kmart has officially jumped on the same bandwagon as Miley Cyrus by learning that sex (sometimes) sells. Anyway, it’s not like Kmart had ever professed to be the most high-end retail store with a need for sophisticated ads. They certainly didn’t need the sophistication to draw in the masses for this though, and for that I applaud them.

How do you feel about decking the halls with ‘Jingle Balls?’

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